Randi Lalonde

From Randi

My work incorporates the play of light and shadow. The transient quality of light on subjects lends itself to many metaphors. Along with this investigation of light, I have studied color mixing to better develop an understanding of the subtleties of color. I see metaphoric possibilities in the layers and mixes of color within an artwork as well.
I have worked with a symbolic underpinning for several years, whether it is within a literal portrait of myself, or metaphorically portrayed within a still life. I prefer to explore human emotion and what commonalities we may share through this symbolism. I like to delve into a psychological narrative of emotions and discovery. I have always ended up finding more meaning in the pieces after they are finished. I think this is the creative gift whether you are working in art, music, knitting, cooking, or engaging with anything creative - sometimes you get to a place where you almost lose yourself in the process of the work. It has been described by many as sitting down to work on something and looking back up at the clock and hours have gone by. I think this is where a lot of unconscious work is done. For myself, the end result always has a lot to teach me.
I am currently working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts through the University of Saskatchewan. I am a founding member of Studio 4417, a printmaking collectivenear Melfort, SK, and a member of the North East Saskatchewan collective Accidental Artists.