Kristen Brown

From Kristen:

A photograph documents and captures impermanent moments, while preserving memories and organizing time. It is a visual rendering of someone or something perhaps now intangible, and holds the power of sorting, noting, and remembering. My current body of work is a series of oil paintings, based on experimental film and digital photography, exploring themes of dislocation, transience, and memory. My compositions depict uncomfortable environments and sometimes mildly unsettling scenes involving human figures. Often nightscapes, these works create situations and dreamlike atmospheres that evoke mystery while maintaining a psychological sensitivity. I am interested in the idea of recollection, and how time and moments can feel distorted if one fails to grab hold of any memory landmark. Memory can be unreliable; it can become unclear and often appears blurred or distant.
Referencing unconventional photographic abstractions, such as soft focus, motion blurs, and multiple exposures, I aim to express feelings of depersonalization and nostalgia, which disrupt the ability to understand or categorize time. My process involves capturing moments with a range of digital, toy, and vintage film cameras, sometimes damaging the film or cameras to achieve different distortions. I use traditional painting techniques by carefully rendering photographic distortions to create movement, while emphasizing color. Soft surfaces and thin layers of paint create blurring effects to portray enigmatic atmospheres referencing time and place. While attempting to organize and regain association with particular memories, these works capture the transitory nature of our experiences, portraying the importance of past moments and people.

Kristen's exhibition of new photographs and photo-based paintings, Outskirts of Somewhere, is showing from June 1st to July 3rd at Void. Reception Friday, June 10th,7 to 9pm - join the Facebook event