Chris Wikman

is a self-taught painter who works in both acrylic and acrylics. He works mostly from memory, creating specific images that emerge from his reflection on experiences grounded in various places he has been with his family and friends. He primarily focuses his attention on parts of the landscape that go unnoticed because of our prevailing assumptions about the important features of nature. His intension is to render beauty through depictions of the transitional spaces between recognized natural landmarks. Through this practice, he transforms our perceptions of farmer’s fields, sloughs, flooded ditches or bluffs of wild trees along the highway - places that we would otherwise disregard.

Chris has had several solo shows throughout Canada and has won many regional adjudications initiated by agencies like the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC). His work is found in both private and corporate collections throughout Canada. void is pleased to represent Chris' work in Saskatoon.

From June 11th to 20th, void will be showing new works by Chris. A reception will be held Friday, June 12th, 7 to 9 pm. - join the Facebook event